Beet Juice & Tart Cherry Juice for Health


20 Servings

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Beet Boost is the beet and tart cherry blend that helps stamina and joint health.


 Nitric oxide plays an important role in oxygen and blood circulation

Tart cherry anthocyanins support joints and mobility

Beets and tart cherries work synergistically to promote well-being at the cellular level


Beet Boost will help you think clearly, reduce time to exhaustion and improve mobility.


Recommended use

30-60 minutes before exercise for adults of all ages

Responsibly made

Vegan, Non-GMO, gluten-free, no artificial colors or flavors


Enhances time trial performance


Charts 1 and 2: Group mean oxygen uptake (VO2) during low-intensity (A) and high-intensity (B) exercise after dietary nitrate and placebo supplementation. Nitrate supplementation lowered the amount of oxygen needed during low-intensity and high-intensity exercise. Chart 3: Isometric elbow flexion strength following eccentric exercise. Strength loss was less for tart cherry drinkers compared to placebo 24 to 96 hours post-exercise.


Ingredients: Beet juice concentrate, tart cherry extract.