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Improve your everyday health or athletic performance by implementing Beet Boost into your daily routine! Beet Boost is a tasty chef-made artisan blend of quality beets and cherries, touted by many as an extraordinary natural food source that helps improve results when exercising.

Beet Boost is the choice of sports professionals, including Olympians like Connor Jaeger who won a silver medal for the US Olympic Swim Team, Felipe Loureiro, Pro Triathlete Certified USA Triathlon Coach and Lisa McDowell, team sports dietitian for the NHL Detroit Red Wings.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to take advantage of Beet Boost’s beet juice benefits. Even if you sit at a desk all day or work in a service industry, Beet Boost helps improve health in combination with exercise through a patented process that preserves nutrition.

Beet Juice Benefits

The benefits of beet juice and tart cherry, combined with exercise, include:

  Improved endurance and energy levels

  Delayed muscle fatigue

  Higher mental clarity and focus

  Boosted immune support

  Enhanced cardiovascular support

Beet Boost is essential nutrition even when you’re not exercising because it’s functional food. So remember to factor Beet Boost into your daily routine even when you’re taking the day off.

The BEET BOOST Magic Formula

Beet Boost combines a vegetable and a fruit: beetroot and tart cherry. This formula creates a powerful combination of nutrients that helps athletes, trainers, and others to exercise more efficiently for improved health. Both ingredients mixed together also help with muscle damage experienced while exercising.

  • The beetroot part of Beet Boost contains natural inorganic nitrate that the body converts into nitric oxide, a molecule that is said to improve cardiovascular health and improve performance while exercising.1
  • Tart cherry, the other ingredient in Beet Boost, contains anthocyanin, which possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help your muscles repair more quickly after a workout, getting you back to exercising even faster.2

Using BEET BOOST is Simple

A single serving of Beet Boost is a great source of nitrate and antioxidants, helping to reduce inflammation after exercise and recover more quickly.

To use Beet Boost:

Stir Beet Boost with 6 to 8 ounces of water or juice or add to smoothies.

Consume Beet Boost 30 to 60 minutes before exercise.

Use Beet Boost once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

You can even use Beet Boost in yogurt, cereal, muffins, pancakes, homemade energy bars, iced tea—there is no limit. And because Beet Boost is portable and easy-to-mix, you can take it with you on short or long trips.

What The Pros Say About Beet Boost

Professional athletes, trainers, and coaches agree that Beet Boost offers many benefits when used in conjunction with exercise. Here’s what Beet Boost users are saying about the benefits of drinking beet juice daily …

“Beet Boost is a life preserver for the standard American diet. My clients are all raving about the taste and the newfound vitality they are experiencing.”

— John Pierre, Nutrition & Fitness Consultant and Keynote Speaker & Presenter

“Beet Boost has changed the way I approach morning practices. Since I’ve started drinking Beet Boost I have been able to train a lot harder and faster during those early morning sets, and still recover in time for afternoon practice. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t believe it; this stuff is awesome!”

— Conner Jaeger, 2016 Silver Medalist, US Olympic Swim Team

“Beet Boost is a great example of an extremely functional food that allows you to compete at your best. The athletes I work with enjoy the convenience but, more importantly, the improvement in their performance. The reduction of oxygen consumption and the delay of fatigue by 15% is significant to my athletes.”

— Lisa McDowell, MS, RD, CSSD, Team Sports Dietitian, Detroit Red Wings

“Beet Boost has become a must-have for me during off-season training and in-season competition. Not only is it healthy and all natural, it allows me to skate and train harder and longer. It also helps reduce fatigue, allowing for even better recovery post-exercise.”

— RJ Umberger, Center, Philadelphia Flyers

“As a triathlete and coach, I am always in search of the best products to help me and my athletes reach our maximum performance potential. Beet Boost has been a valuable addition to my training routine! I use it during long training rides to help maintain my energy level, and I especially enjoy it post-workouts in my recover smoothies! To help maximize performance, I definitely recommend athletes adding Beet Boost to their training routine!”

— Felipe Loureiro, Pro Triathlete Certified USA Triathlon Coach

Beet Juice Energy Drink

Beet Boost provides an easy way to boost nitric oxide from the nitrate within the beetroot and the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the anthocyanin in tart cherries to energize your workout. If increasing the efficiency of your exercise is your goal, then preload with Beet Boost to go faster, go longer, and recover more quickly.

Why not just get the nitrates and other substances in Beet Boost by ingesting leafy greens, tart cherries, and beetroot? To get the same benefit as you do from Beet Boost, you would have to take in roughly 200 to 300 grams of beetroot or spinach per day.3 Beet Boost gives you a more concentrated form of these nutrients, meaning you need to consume less for the same benefit.

Beetroot Uses for Improved Health

Beet Boost offers many reported advantages for those seeking to improve their exercise routine, but what exactly is the science behind tart cherry and beet juice benefits?

Beetroot juice is full of nitrate. The nitrate in the beetroot juice is then converted into nitrite and into nitric oxide within the body, where it helps with exercise performance in athletes, as well as in people who lead a more sedentary lifestyle.4 While the human body doesn’t naturally produce this molecule, a nitric oxide booster, such as Beet Boost, represents a safe and reliable way to give your body the boost it needs to harness the power of nitric oxide to improve your exercise routine.

Plus, beetroot juice helps to reduce the amount of oxygen to power muscles during exercise. This allows individuals to exercise up to 16% longer before suffering muscle fatigue and becoming exhausted.5

Beetroot juice has also been shown to increase mental clarity and reaction times by increasing blood flow to the brain.6 While exercising, an individual’s mind tends to suffer from mental fatigue as a side effect of exhaustion, especially when taking part in prolonged periods of exercise. Beetroot juice has been shown to have a positive effect on the cognitive functioning of individuals during and immediately following long sessions of exercise.

Studies have also shown that beetroot juice can help during recovery following exercise, with individuals exhibiting less muscle soreness and returning to their regular workout routine faster.7

Other potential beet juice benefits include:

  • A potential improvement in vascular function when exercising at higher altitudes.8
  • Possible enhanced neuromuscular efficiency when taken before a workout.9
  • A reduction in blood pressure after a hard workout.10

Tart Cherry Juice Benefits

The health benefits of drinking tart cherry juice are many, especially for individuals following a regular exercise routine. The anthocyanin in tart cherries allows you to more easily get moving again after you suffer from exercise-induced pain.11 One example is the anti-inflammatory nature of tart cherries, which reduce inflammation sometimes suffered following a strenuous walk or intense exercise. Tart cherries provide a healthy way to get back to your exercise routine quicker with a shorter recovery time.

Whether you are a professional athlete, a trainer, or someone just looking to improve fitness, the many beet juice benefits make it an effective healthy food source to go along with your regular exercise routine.

Beet Boost is the beet and tart cherry blend that helps stamina and joint health.

 Nitric oxide plays an important role in oxygen and blood circulation

Tart cherry anthocyanins support joints and mobility

Beets and tart cherries work synergistically to promote well-being at the cellular level


Dietary nitrate found in beets will help you think clearly, reduce time to exhaustion and improve mobility.

Charts 1 and 2: Group mean oxygen uptake (VO2) during low-intensity (A) and high-intensity (B) exercise after dietary nitrate and placebo supplementation. Nitrate supplementation lowered the amount of oxygen needed during low-intensity and high-intensity exercise. Chart 3: Isometric elbow flexion strength following eccentric exercise. Strength loss was less for tart cherry drinkers compared to placebo 24 to 96 hours post-exercise.