We help people reach the highest level of health and performance using plant-based solutions for nutrition and fuel. We support this mission with research, science-backed information and attention to the needs of our customers.


To be thought leaders and developers of highly effective, industry-changing products that stay true to our mission and core values for generations to come.


Integrity: As a family-owned business, our values begin at home with honesty and strong moral values. We carry that forward to our community and to the world.


Innovation: We do things differently by thinking creatively to solve problems and apply the latest science and production methods that turn our innovations into valued products.


Efficacy: We develop products that work. This promise we guarantee unconditionally.


Educate: Even our clean innovative products require education, which is why we offer “Ask The Expert” at the bottom of every page. Please ask us your questions!


We utilize a large network of scientists, physiologists, clinicians, and sports and health professionals to advise our team of the ongoing research and development of Nutrigardens products. Our Chief Science Advisor heads the Scientific Advisory Board, while our Founder keeps the company on task with its mission.

RICHARD PERRY Chef / Founder

Richard Perry is vegan chef, recipe developer and founder of NutriGardens. After a serious bicycling accident Richard began juicing certain fruits and vegetables that were…

generally known for their healing properties. In the process he learned about functional foods, especially beets, and their benefits beyond their basic known nutrition. Specific plants have natural chemicals that protect themselves from disease. Those chemicals can be isolated and concentrated into true superfoods that help the body function at its highest level. Professional and collegiate sports teams, Olympians and elite athletes use Nutrigardens’ functional food products worldwide, in addition to people looking for overall improved health.

NORMAN HORD, Ph.D. Chief Science Advisor

Norman Hord serves as a faculty member at Oregon State University. Dr. Hord is a Registered Dietitian and oversees a research program that focuses dietary nitrate and nitrite…

in the prevention and treatment of diet-related chronic diseases. Dietary nitrate and nitrite contributes to endogenous NO (nitric oxide) production from nitrate-nitrite-NO pathway, a newly identified pathway for endogenous bioactive NO production. In this context, plant foods rich in nitrate and nitrite may prove to be an effective strategy for cardiovascular disease prevention. Dr. Hord received the Master of Public Health degree from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and his doctoral degree in nutrition from Purdue University.


Once we decide the most important problems worth solving, we conduct extensive research, obtain the highest quality ingredients, and test for microorganisms such as bacteria, pathogens, yeasts and molds.


After the chosen ingredients are blended to our specifications, a second test is conducted to meet FDA and other regulatory agency requirements before we test the product among real human subjects.


We collect user data, make adjustments if needed to our formula and retest as many times as necessary before moving ahead with production.


These processes ensure that our products are safe, clean labeled and proven effective. Nutrigardens has a deep sense of responsibility to do the right things.