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Frequently asked question

No, and by design. Organic fertilizers contain low concentrations of plant nutrients. These nutrients are converted into inorganic forms by bacteria and fungi before the plants can use them. These nutrients are then more slowly released and especially during colder seasons when the microbes are less active. Organic produce contains around 1/10 the nitrate compared to conventionally grown. Fertilizer compounds are removed during our processing.

There is 400 mg dietary nitrate in each serving of Spin Boost.


Tart cherry contains anthocyanin that is shown to reduce inflammation after exercise or a hard day's work.

Nitrate turns to nitrite by mixing with bacteria in the back of the mouth. It is then converted to nitric oxide that helps relax blood vessels to improve blood flow.

Nitric oxide is a neurotransmitter that helps vessels relax and improve circulation.

Beet Boost provides energy and helps joints become more flexible. It is perfect for daily use as we age because nitric oxide levels decrease over time. Spin Boost is best for sports pre-workout to increase endurance. Athletes use both: Beet Boost daily to maintain healthy nitric oxide levels and Spin Boost 1-2 hours before workouts.

Spin Boost increases endurance by delivery more oxygen to muscles.

Oxalates are removed during processing.

We never add sugar to any of our products.

Yes. If you are not satisfied for any reason please see our returns policy.

Our beets are grown in the United States.

No, we do not add any natural or artificial flavors or sugar. Our products are flavored with natural fruits and vegetables only.

Yes, we use the high nitrate beets and red spinach as our nitric-oxide boosters supported by fruit antioxidants.