family owned business

Rick Perry, Founder and CEO

Meet Rick Perry, the creator of NutriGardens, a family run business developed from a need and desire to recover in a healthy, natural way without pharmaceuticals. 

Rick is Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, having worked as an executive chef, private chef, and eventually became a recipe tester, cookbook author, founder, and publisher of Collectors Press. In 2014 he went vegan to improve health and help others. 

After a serious bicycle accident, Richard experienced a profound physical awakening from fresh juices’ natural healing properties. His experience turned into a passion and he began to research how these nutritious whole foods worked for healing and wellness.


Water was accidentally spilled during the photo shoot and this cool image was created showing the clean nature of Beet Boost.

Rick consulted with dietitians, formulators, food innovators, and scientists around the country and especially at Oregon State University, bringing NutriGardens to life. Through this knowledge, it became clear that nitrate and phytochemicals were superstars of natural foods, specifically beets, red spinach, and tart cherries.

Made in small batches and tested first by family and friends, the ingredients found in NutriGardens’ formulas are personally sourced by Richard to ensure freshness and efficacy. He also oversees the entire production process, ensuring that the finished products are of the highest quality possible.


The early days of Richard and his son filling packets of Beet Boost in their kitchen.

Rick and his family are passionate about supporting people on their journey to a healthier life. When he is not helping elite athletes gain a competitive advantage or consulting others to improve their health, he is cooking, cycling, camping, hiking, or working on his next product.

The Nutrigardens Difference

Honesty & Integrity

Honesty and integrity are of utmost importance. NutriGardens’ customers can be confident that our products begin with pure, clean ingredients. What you see on each label is exactly what you get. NutriGardens takes pride in focusing on an ethical approach to product development and the NutriGarden family always tries the products personally before selling them. You can expect the highest quality in all NutriGardens’ products.

Knowledge & Education

The NutriGardens family believes knowledge is power, striving to be an educational resource for current and prospective customers. Our site and product pages contain the information you need to make an informed decision. Product transparency is the NutriGardens promise to you. If you don't see an answer to a question you have, NutriGardens invites you to contact us directly.

Science & Safety

NutriGardens offers concentrated chef-made artisan blends using the high-quality ingredients tested at several stages to ensure safety and superior efficacy through extensive research. NutriGardens is proud to continuously work closely with scientists, physiologists, clinicians, and sports and health professionals who assist with ongoing research and product development.

Reach Your Highest Potential

Dedicated to providing high-quality, hand-made products, NutriGardens offers Beet Boost® a beet and tart cherry blend for vitality and recovery. Spin Boost® is a super-high nitrate red spinach extract for sports endurance. Watermelon Hydrate® replenishes lost electrolytes, all of which will naturally boost your body so you feel energized and full of life. 

NutriGardens is here to help you succeed.

Whether you are an Olympian, weekend warrior, or want to feel great every day.

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