We know what it feels like when your stamina comes up short. Whether you’ve been beaten at the line by a competitor, or just don’t have the energy in your day that you used to, you want more from your body.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll choose real food over sugar, caffeine and chemicals any day. But it can be hard to find a ready-made, food-based, healthy support for your health and athletic performance.

At nutrigardens, we get it.

In 2012 Chef Rick was looking for healthy ways to recover after a bicycle crash, and turned to juicing beets. That (messy) experience provided the inspiration for Beet Boost, an easy-to-use powder combining the nitric oxide boosting power of beets and tart cherries.

At first Chef Rick’s family hand-filled packets in their kitchen for a pro hockey team. From this humble beginning grew a line of innovative chef-curated products that can boost your energy, endurance and brain health, all made from food. We are proud to be the most referred vegan functional foods brand.

our team

We are fortunate to work with many scientists, medical professionals, trainers, coaches, dietitians and others who share our vision of clean healthy foods that improve physical and mental performance and the overall quality of life.

We also work with many athletes and a family of loyal customers who prefer to get their health products from foods versus traditional supplements.

our vision

It is our vision to become your trusted source for clean healthy foods that help support your strength, vitality and longevity. We are in this together!