The Science Begins with High Quality Food

NutriGardens understands the importance of food and health. Plant-based diets provide your body with all the nutrients necessary for health, wellness, and longevity. NutriGardens is dedicated to helping keep people healthy, staying active, and winning every day.

The passion that led to the creation of NutriGardens is the same passion that continues to drive NutriGardens forward. Through science, research, tried and true testing, and sourcing the highest quality ingredients, NutriGardens is here to help you to thrive and live your life to the fullest.

Synergistic Ingredients — Our ingredients work together to support healthy circulation while reducing inflammation after intense exercise or a hard day’s work.

Tart Cherry and Anthocyanin

Anthocyanin is a flavonoid found in plants causing red, purple, blue, or black coloring. Full of antioxidant compounds, anthocyanin helps reduce inflammation and enhance nitric oxide release.

Red Spinach + Beets and Nitrate

Nitrate boosts nitric oxide (NO) production, a molecule found throughout the body that relaxes blood vessels, improves circulation, and serves as an antioxidant. NO has a significant impact on overall heart health.

Whether you're a sports professional looking for more endurance and quicker recovery or you just want to feel younger and more alive, boosting your body with nitrate and anthocyanin is a smart solution.

Elite athletes need a nitric oxide super boost. Nitric oxide is vital for optimal blood flow and ensures the delivery of essential nutrients throughout the body. Combined, nitric oxide and anthocyanin help increase oxygen, reduce lactic acid, and provide winning performance and optimal recovery.

You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from optimal NO levels. Suppose you feel the aches that come with age. In that case, you want to stay active and healthy, maintain your energy levels, and enjoy unrestricted movement. Synergistic ingredients like anthocyanin and nitric oxide might be the solutions for you.

What causes nitric oxide production to decline in your body?

The answer is Age, Diet, and Fitness.


As we age, nitric oxide production decreases. This causes blood vessels to become less flexible, which reduces our circulation.


Food today is grown fast, making it absent of the nutrient density it once had. Today, we must boost our bodies with high nitrate foods.


Nitric oxide is essential to maintain the highest fitness. It provides an optimal supply of oxygen to keep our heart and muscles healthy.

Nitric Oxide Declines As We Age

As we age, the body's ability to produce nitric oxide declines causing fatigue and diminishing its ability to function efficiently. 


Adding regular activity and changing a few simple foods can be an easy and effective way to naturally increase your nitric oxide levels. Adding Beet Boost® and Spin Boost® to your everyday regime is a safe and effective way to ensure you get the amount of nitrate needed.

Science shows that nitric oxide provides a plethora of health benefits so it is important to keep levels up every day, even more so as we age. It is also crucial for sports professionals to keep heightened nitric oxide levels daily to support vigorous exercise, especially for several days leading up to a big event.


Who knew grandma's cherry pie was so good for you? The anthocyanins, specifically from tart cherries, are well studied to help those active but aging or athletes alike to keep nitric oxide levels up. Recovery is equally important, specifically when it comes to inflammation and “renewable energy” after sports and other activities; anthocyanin helps with that too.

Beautiful crimson red spinach and violet beets are the signature sign of the power inside these nitrate-rich plants. When boosted with nitric oxide, you can run the gauntlet at your best speed, stay on the trail from sunup to sundown, and feel great the next day. We have worked hard to develop Beet Boost® and Spin Boost® to give you the food you need to succeed.


Grown from the ground and locally made in the Pacific Northwest, our high-quality plant-based ingredients are gifts from mother nature. Clinical trials back the science behind them.


NutriGardens’ ingredients are third-party tested to ensure you get the nutrients we promise in every serving. We also make sure there are no oxalates, chemicals, or preservatives of any kind.


NutriGardens’ products work. We work with professional athletes, Olympians, coaches, trainers, dietitians, and regularly connect with our community to hear about the many success stories.

The NutriGardens’ family is passionate about helping others. The family is also excited about the science behind naturally healing foods. Credit must first be given to the Nobel prize winning research on nitric oxide. Numerous studies show that nitric oxide is a crucial “miracle molecule” for life itself. By boosting nitric oxide production, the body can respond better to life’s physical obstacles and improve the chances for a healthy, active life.

How it works: 
Bacteria in our mouth, saliva, and upper gastrointestinal tract absorb dietary nitrate and convert it into nitric oxide through non-enzymatic synthesis. In addition to staying active and eating well, removing certain products from your daily routine can help keep your nitric oxide levels up to where they need to be.


Things to avoid: 
Fluoride toothpaste (which is antimicrobial), antiseptic mouthwash, and antacids deactivate the bacteria in the back of the mouth necessary for the conversion of nitrate to nitrite. This puts your body at risk of nitric oxide deficiency. 

What’s on the Horizon at Nutrigardens

NutriGardens began its journey with scientists and food innovators at Oregon State University (OSU). From there the company expanded to include many other scientists and advisors.

Through continuous research, and in working with key advisors on the cutting edge of science for plant-based performance, you can expect incredible products to emerge. 

NutriGardens continues a journey forward in discovering and sharing our findings in new products containing exciting ingredients proven to work. We will stay clean and green, true to our mission for helping athletes and others live healthier.


Get focused, stay strong, feel good

NutriGardens will support your health every step of the way. 

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