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The Best Nitric Oxide Boosts

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We make the best nitric oxide boosts because we want what you want: clean plant-based functional foods that actually work. Our products have no artificial flavors or chemicals, no added sugar and are 100% guaranteed effective.

What is nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide (NO) is a vital gas that gets produced in nearly every cell type in the human body and is one of the most important molecules for optimal health. NO is a widespread signaling molecule that participates in virtually every cellular and organ function. It is essential for biological processes throughout the body. The fact is, nitric oxide's role in blood flow and overall health is absolutely essential, no matter your lifestyle.

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The one thing everyone should know about nitric oxide (NO) is that as we age, nitric oxide production naturally declines, nearly 10% every decade. That means by middle age we see about 50% of nitric oxide production decline. Take the self assessment to estimate your nitric oxide levels. 

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Foods That Boost Nitric Oxide

We are a high-quality beetroot powder manufacturer and producer of premium quality red spinach extract. Beetroot and red spinach are two vegetables high in nitrate and help energize our body naturally. These key ingredients make the best nitric oxide supplementation by boosting energy and performance naturally. Why is nitrate important?

The Science
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Natural Muscle Recovery

A major bicycle accident inspired the founder of NutriGardens to develop the best nitric oxide functional foods possible. By adding tart cherry juice for muscle recovery we created the first and only product of its kind, Beet Boost with Tart Cherry.

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