Spin Boost Powder - What are the Benefits of Red Spinach Powder?

Spin Boost Powder - What are the Benefits of Red Spinach Powder?

If physical effort had a “turbo button” it would be fueled by red spinach, a plant that is part of the amaranth family. Red spinach powder pumps ample amounts of nitrate and other phytochemicals into our system, which converts to nitric oxide and engages the body’s turbo mode increasing endurance and enhancing performance and recovery of intense physical exertion.

So potent it makes the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) raise an eyebrow. Red spinach has entered the sports world with a powerful bang. What conditions have made red spinach such a powerhouse? In its natural conditions, red spinach can survive intense winds, high altitudes and tolerate prolonged periods of drought. Amaranth is the Greek word for ‘unfading’ and was chosen by the scientific community to name this family of plants. Unfading is precisely the word we would describe the effects of red spinach on the body, especially its ability to supercharge energy levels for a sustained period. Simply put by athletes, “go harder for longer.”

Getting the fuel directly from the plant versus additive-laden supplements is the critical difference for successfully leveraging the power of red spinach. Doctors who prescribe a nitrate-rich diet for increasing athletic performance recommend that it comes directly from vegetables and fruits. Often, the amount required to see those promising effects is impossible to eat in one day. That’s where Spin Boost powder comes in. It’s what the sports doctors prescribe. The red spinach powder in Spin Boost is 100% plant-based with no additives and is carefully measured for a reliable calculated outcome of intense workouts, performance for every type of athlete.

What does red spinach do for athletes?

What does red spinach do for athletes?


Improves endurance

Red spinach is at the TOP of the nitrate plant pyramid. Studies conducted thus far on red spinach have shown that it significantly improves time to exhaustion. It takes about 400 mg to see this phenomenon - the amount contained in a single serving of Spin Boost. 

Increase speed, surges power, and lowers oxygen need

Another study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning revealed that active adults who took red spinach extract greatly improved their cycling time. Subjects in the study who took red spinach generated more power, higher speed, and used less oxygen than those who took a placebo. 

Vascular and heart health

Relaxing the smooth muscle around arteries, nitrate-packed red spinach powder delivers vital nutrients that cells need to power through intense physical exercise. Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule that helps maintain optimal heart and vascular health.

Is spinach a performance enhancer?

Yes, red spinach contains ecdysterone, a naturally occurring steroid hormone that, when derived from a plant, is called a phytoecdysteroid. In nature,  phytoecdysteroid is a defense chemical used by plants to protect themselves from insects. Researchers have discovered that ecdysterone acts as a performance enhancer, muscle builder, and muscle repairer. In a ten week study on muscle strength with 46 participants, researchers found the subjects who received spinach extract increased their strength three times higher than the placebo group.

Interesting fact! Anthocyanin also acts as an insect repellent, plant protector. Anthocyanins taste terrible to insects but wonderful to birds that chew up and disperse the seeds that help the plant proliferate. Nature is incredible, and we want to leverage these qualities of strength, survival, and endurance.

Do red spinach supplements work?

Do red spinach supplements work?

Supplements are helpful but what you really want to consider is if the source of nitrate is clean, quantified, and plant-based. Many supplements are created in a lab, aren’t plant-based, and contain additives and flavorings. What this means for athletes seeking to leverage the power of phytochemicals in red spinach is to seek it in powder form measured to the exact amount that is recommended by researchers who study athletic performance amplification.

The best red spinach powder has no additives or ingredients unless the other ingredients are plant-based and help propel the efficacy of red spinach. Fruit juices like orange, pineapple, and pomegranate help to naturally increase the amount of time nitric oxide lasts in your system, reduces post workout recovery time, and heals workout related aches and pains. Companion plant pairing for sports is on the rise, and red spinach is a perfect plant for stacking with complimentary fruits and vegetables. When seeking the ultimate red spinach supplement, consider how adding plant-based ingredients propels the effects versus isolating molecules in a lab which may leave some of those benefits out.

Should athletes eat red spinach?

Yes, sports nutritionists love red spinach for athletes because of its richness in nitrate, especially when compared to other sources of dietary nitrate. Because the plant is still being studied, doctors and sports nutritionists recommend getting the full spectrum effects from ingesting the plant directly. 

While all sexes benefit from a red spinach nitrate boost, studies on athletes show that women get an even bigger boost from taking red spinach powder. On average, women tend to start with a lower resting plasma nitrate level. 

Why is red spinach red?

Should athletes eat red spinach?


The vibrant red spinach is known as the amaranth plant, and the crimson hew is from betacyanin pigments. Betacyanins have powerful antioxidant effects, even greater than vitamin C, and compared to anthocyanins, are more stable when exposed to pH and temperature change. 

How much red spinach to eat for athletic effect?

Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin studied the naturally occurring steroid hormone ecdysterone found in spinach and was found to be even more effective at improving athletic performance than some prohibited anabolic steroids. The amount of raw spinach required to gain an athletic effect is nearly impossible to eat; it’s about 4 kilograms or 8.8 pounds every day. For nitrate, the amount needed to achieve that supercharged athletic effect is 400 mg. Spin Boost is the premier red spinach powder blend for athletes because 400 mg of nitrate is guaranteed with each serving. Red spinach powder mixed with your favorite juice makes a quick and easy pre-drink to boost nitrate before a strenuous workout or performance -- much easier than finding the time to eat nearly 10 pounds of spinach. 

What is red spinach good for?

What is red spinach good for?


Anything spinach can do, red spinach can do better. Here’s a shortlist of prominent benefits that have been uncovered. The list, however, continues to grow as more research is conducted.

SPIN BOOST: A Full Spectrum of Clean and Natural Ingredients

Our synergistic recipe was developed to help support the production of high nitric oxide levels for powerful, lasting endurance.


  • Pomegranate Extract
  • Red Spinach Extract
  • Pineapple Extract
  • Orange Extract
  • Beet Extract

Red spinach alone is an incredible plant that has naturally enhanced properties so powerful the sports world has questioned if it (yes spinach) should be allowed. But we’d like to help athletes by stacking complementary plants that amp up the impact of red spinach. 

You can find all of these power-packed plant-based ingredients plus beetroot juice in our NEW Spin Boost recipe, perfectly stacked with the right plants to help you breeze through workouts performing harder and longer. 


Spin Boost Powder Infographic | Red Spinach Powder


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