Get the Nutrients & Nitric Oxide Boost You Need for the Win

Optimal fitness for the WIN begins with a strong heart and healthy blood flow, delivering maximum oxygen to needy muscles. It also starts with the end in mind, meaning healthy joint function for a speedy recovery so you can hit the ground hard every day.

Your success is our win

NutriGardens is always searching for plant-based foods that support our elite athletes on their victorious journeys. Sometimes it means traveling to different parts of the world. One such area is Asia, where an ancient plant lives, long storied for its endurance qualities due to its exceptionally high nitrate levels. 

As if sent down from Zeus, our Vital Spinach™ red spinach extract is there for your win. Red spinach, aka the amaranth plant, literally means “unfading flower” in Greek, and you can see why. This miraculous, power house plant can withstand high winds, drought, and it thrives in high altitudes. Its tall, thick stalk and deep crimson leaves also look the part. Just imagine what your body can do with clean and powerful Vital Spinach™ running through your veins.

How NutriGardens makes Vital Spinach™— Victory begins with a formula, so does Spin Boost®. NutriGardens uses a patented extraction process to make Vital Spinach™ by concentrating the red spinach amaranth plant into a water-soluble powder that is measured and standardized for 400mg dietary nitrate per serving. Vital Spinach™ powder is combined with concentrated beet juice to make Spin Boost®, the answer to your podium quest.


You don't have to be an elite athlete to enjoy its benefits. Weekend warriors and anyone seeking to go the extra mile, two, or three needs more than an energy drink— you need Spin Boost® to push you forward. You’ll experience maximized endurance and amazing recovery.

A winning performance means responsible recovery

Muscle recovery is an integral part of helping athletes perform at their peak. Recovery is precisely where tart cherry juice comes in. Considered the king of recovery food thanks to a pigment called anthocyanin, tart cherries provide an abundant supply of anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Tart cherry juice limits muscle strain during workouts, offsetting the effects of fatigue, and promoting faster recovery. All of this adds up to enhanced post-workout recovery and a boost to overall performance.

Concentrated beet juice serves as tart cherry's recovery partner in Beet Boost® for a vitality-boosting, joint-loving recovery blend. Extracted using two patented dehydration processes, NutriGardens’ beet juice comes from dark red beets.

Packed with so many essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, beets are, without a doubt, one of nature’s superfoods. Beets are at their best when eaten raw, juiced, or taken in powder form and mixed into juices. Just a glass or two a day can help keep you performing your very best.

Tart cherries contain anthocyanins - ranked as one of the highest antioxidants containing foods available. The juice or powder is sometimes blended with other health-boosting fruits or vegetables to pack in more power for your body. Reduced Oxidative Stress, Faster Recovery, Improved Rest, Illness Prevention, Weight Management, Energy Supply

Red spinach (aka amaranth) contains nitrate - an unrivaled 400mg dietary nitrate per serving – the benchmark used in clinical studies for sports endurance. Turn your body into a nitric oxide powerhouse and go harder, faster, and longer. Faster Recovery, Generate More Power, Great for Hypertension, Increased Circulation, Reduce Oxygen Needed for Endurance Sports, Delayed Fatigue, Reduces Sports Induced Inflammation, Natural Detox

Beetroot (aka beets) nitrate and antioxidants - provides numerous minerals and nutrients crucial for endurance and elite performance. Ensure you have the nutrient tools needed to be your best. Reduced Inflammation, Regulate Blood Pressure, Clear Thinking, Stimulant Free Energy, Increased Exercise Performance

Through synergistic performance, these enhancing plants are the perfect team for producing an abundance of nitric oxide for the body. NutriGardens is ready to provide you with quality products you can trust for your body and your win!

If Olympic and professional athletes believe in NutriGardens, you can too.

Join the NutriGardens team, and claim one more win today. 

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