Feeling great as we age involves regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and a diet rich with plant food.

Gladiators knew the benefits of plant food; after all, they were mostly vegetarian. They loved their tart cherries — little did they know at the root of their recovery were anthocyanins—a potent molecule known for its natural antioxidant activity, immune support, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Today it is well known that tart cherries have more benefits than just recovery - renewed energy, enhanced vitality, and mental clarity, to name a few. Studies show these tart little gems contribute to a healthy lifestyle, making them indispensable to the aging community, athletes, and everyone in between.

Why tart cherries? Tart cherries are full of naturally occurring anthocyanins, a flavonoid pigment found in plants, which give tart cherries their red color and fame as an antioxidant. NutriGardens extracts the anthocyanin from tart cherries to create a clean source of phytonutrients in the dehydrated juice formula Beet Boost®.

Dating back to ancient times, Romans used beetroot for good health. There is also evidence that people who lived to be over 100 years old in Russia consumed a diet high in pickled beets known as Borscht. So what is it in these roots that contain a proverbial "fountain of life?"

Studies show that beetroot, one of the dark red root vegetables, has beneficial nitrate and other important nutrients your body needs. Found to help improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, improving mental clarity, and increasing athletic stamina. You may be surprised at how much nutrition nature packed into these little wonders!

The star molecule in beetroot is dietary nitrate. Nitrate is a powerful ally when it comes to your heart and blood vessels. Studies show that nitrate-based foods have substantial health benefits and little risk to the body. However, you should always ask your doctor before increasing nitrate in your diet. Nitrate converts to nitric oxide, which helps increase blood and oxygen flow to your body, blood vessels, heart, and brain. 

When foods containing anthocyanins are combined, they work synergistically to increase the benefits of these powerful flavonoids. A study published in 2010 in Nutrition Reviews concluded that red berries containing anthocyanins improved cardiovascular health, and had anti-inflammatory effects on the body. According to the study, all the subjects experienced benefits from anthocyanins.

- Reduced Oxidative
- Stresses Increased Nitric Oxide Formation
- Relaxed Arteries

Beet Boost® is a combination of tart cherry anthocyanin and concentrated beet juice for a synergistic boost!

You don't have to be a Gladiator or from ancient times to reap the benefits from these amazing superfoods! Beet Boost® is a delicious chef-made artisan blend of quality tart cherries and beets. Consume Beet Boost® daily for regular maintenance of your body and mind and live life to the fullest!


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