Best Nitric Oxide Pre Workout

Best Nitric Oxide Pre Workout

Pre-workout supplements that boost nitric oxide come in various forms and ingredients, from synthetic to plant-based and from pills to powders. Nitric oxide pre-workout supplements are used to enhance energy, improve weight lifting efforts, and overall workout and athletic performance.

Nitric oxide is a gas produced endogenously that improves exercise performance, blood flow, and resistance performing efforts while enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles

There are many nitric oxide boosting supplements on the market. Here we’ll explore why the most effective, safest, and long-lasting supplements are derived directly from plants like beetroot, red spinach, green spinach, and other leafy greens. 

Is nitric oxide good for working out?

Can you take nitric oxide daily?

Yes, boosting nitric oxide is excellent for working out. The best boost you can get is nutritionally through foods or juices with a diet rich in high nitrate plants that boost nitric oxide levels. This vital gas is released within every artery, vein, and capillary throughout the body. It can be a big challenge to consume enough plants daily to achieve maximum athletic potential, which is why there are nitric oxide boosting products developed specifically for pre-workout. 

One study published by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed improved resistance exercise tolerance by 25% with a 6-day beetroot juice supplementation. Key findings of the study showed an increase in the weight lifted along with an increase in repetitions.

Another study by the American Physiological Society on nitric oxide boosting before workouts showed a significant improvement in time-to-task failure during severe-intensity exercise on participants that drank beetroot juice. 

For increasing workout endurance, findings from the University of Exeter’s School of Sport and Health Sciences demonstrated that beetroot juice boosted stamina allowing participants to go 16% longer. 

How quickly does nitric oxide work?

how fast does nitric oxide work?

Nitric oxide is a gas constable being produced in the body at varying rates. To boost nitric oxide production before workouts, it’s best to supplement with nitrate-rich foods, juices, or powders. According to research on athletes who supplement with beetroot juice for nitric oxide boosting, the peak value of nitric oxide occurs about 2-3 hours after ingestion. Therefore when boosting nitric oxide naturally, with plant-based supplements, it’s recommended to take them about 90 minutes before exercise or a performance event.

 This particular study on beetroot juice supplementation found:

  • Acute supplementation with beetroot juice makes it possible to increase time-to-exhaustion rates
  • Improving efficiency and performance
  • Improve cardiorespiratory performance

How much nitric oxide should I take?

Studies show that 140 ml of beetroot juice is sufficient to begin seeing results ​​to boost nitric oxide production levels for workouts. Studies also show that about 400mg of nitrate supplementation taken 90 minutes before the workout event is ideal for an intense boost or an athletic performance. 

What is the best pre-workout supplement for boosting nitric oxide?

There are various ways to boost nitric oxide. The core method is increasing the amount of dietary nitrate that is bioavailable for the body to convert to nitrite and nitric oxide. Other methods include nitric oxide precursors L-arginine and L-citrulline.


L-arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide production and occurs naturally in the body. When you want to increase L-arginine levels, you can leverage different foods that are rich in it, like walnuts, pumpkin seeds, raw peanuts, and soybeans. The L-arginine  found in many nitric oxide boosting pre-workout supplements is synthesized in a lab, so it's recommended to source L-arginine from food, for purity sake. 

“It’s clear from the work so many people have done that a healthy, well-balanced diet is the best way to maintain adequate production of nitric oxide… The richest source of arginine on a weight basis is almonds. Walnuts are good too. All nuts have arginine, almonds have the most.” - Lou Ignarro

While L-arginine is the amino acid that ultimately metabolizes nitric oxide, it suffers from extensive first-pass extraction in the body, making it less bioavailable when processed.


L-citrulline may be a better source of L-arginine as it converts to L-arginine in the kidneys without much loss, making it more bioavailable for metabolizing into nitric oxide. L-citrulline-rich foods include watermelon, cucumber, pumpkin, squash, and gourds.


The majority of nitric oxide studies on workouts are focused on beets and beetroot juice. That’s because beets contain high levels of nitrate that naturally increase nitric oxide production. The best pre-workout supplement is food: a healthy, plant-based, nitric oxide supporting diet. For a punctuated, pre-workout  effect, you can supplement with nitrate-rich juices and powders that have concentrated nutrients for improving workouts.

What to look for in a pre-workout nitric oxide supplement:

  • Clean, natural ingredients
  • No additives
  • Vegan
  • No natural flavors
  • No artificial flavors
  • Non-GMO 
  • Gluten-free
  • No added sugar
  • Preservative-free

Can you take nitric oxide daily?

Does nitric oxide work?

The body produces nitric oxide constantly with natural ebbs and flows. As we age, the body begins to rapidly reduce the amount of nitric oxide it produces rapidly. ​​It is recommended to continually support nitric oxide production through daily habits, whether with a daily boost before working out or with an overall diet and lifestyle that supports nitric oxide production. There are at least 15 natural ways to boost nitric oxide daily.

The primary nitric oxide boosting factor is diet. According to research from George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, it was determined that an increase in plant-based diets that support nitric oxide production supports the following outcomes:

  • General cardiovascular health
  • improved performance
  • accelerated recovery
  • body composition
  • antioxidant capacity
  • glycogen storage
  • improve plasma lipid concentrations
  • body weight
  • blood glucose control

Best way to recover after a workout?

For post-workout, nitric oxide boosting will help with workout inflammation to increase the efficacy of muscle recovery, and tart cherry juice is widely used for the many polyphenol compounds that support healing. Cyclists, triathletes, and other performance athletes leverage the healing powers of tart cherry juice. But you don’t have to be a professional athlete to get the benefits of reduced inflammation, quicker recovery times, and pain relief from tart cherries. The best pre-workout takes into consideration post-workout recovery, like our carefully plant-crafted Spin Boost. Learn more about the 400mg of nitrate packed in each serving for your next pre-workout drink. 


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