Nitric Oxide Supplements: 9 Reasons to Boost with Beet Powder vs. Pills

Nitric Oxide Supplements: 9 Reasons to Boost with Beet Powder vs. Pills

What you'll want to consider before sourcing your nitric oxide supplements

Nitric oxide supplements are popular, often taken by athletes to improve performance, strength, and recovery, but are they truly as effective as advertised? Food-based nitric oxide supplements have benefits that go beyond a quick fix. This is because food-based supplements are ingested by the body as whole nutrients.

When considering the best nitric oxide boosting supplement, you will want to consider the ingredients, how they work, and the best way to take them.

Food is the ideal way to source your vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and nitrate. When we eat a balanced plant-based diet, we get the nutrients necessary to support a long, healthy life. But that's often easier said than done. Sometimes, the sheer amount of food required to eat for the greatest benefit is too much or inconvenient. That's when we look for supplements to help compensate for the nutrients we may be lacking, or in this case, the nitrate we might not be getting from our food alone.

foods that boost nitric oxide

Nitric oxide pills and capsules have some apparent advantages. They are compact, very portable, and you can carry them around with ease. They travel well and easily wash down with water. This brings us to the other advantage, their ease of preparation; it doesn't take a lot to down a pill. No shaker bottle. No scoop. Simple.

pills and vitamins that boost nitric oxide


Functional foods like dehydrated beetroot juice and whole beet powder offer the best of both worlds. That is, the convenience of a portable supplement and the whole plant effectiveness of food. Fresh, concentrated beet juices made into convenient powders deliver plant nutrients like nitrate to the body for rapid absorption and conversion into nitric oxide. Beetroot juice powders also have a long shelf life. Here are nine more reasons to consider boosting your nitric oxide levels with beetroot powder.

beetroot juice to boost nitric oxide is the best


1. Better vitamin and mineral absorption

Beetroot juice powders are functional foods that deliver vitamins and minerals in liquid form, making them more accessible and faster to absorb. It's part one of the significant benefits of juicing. Juices in your body can readily absorb the nutrients without having to break down a capsule. Pills will also eventually break down, usually in the gut, and then your body can begin to absorb the nutrients. A great benefit of drinking beet powder juice is that your body starts processing nitrates the moment it hits your mouth

2. Oral conversion of nitrate 

Drinking your nitrate-boosting beet juice allows the juice to mix with your oral  saliva and its many vital bacteria. Your mouth is the first stop for nitrate to convert into nitrite and then nitrite to nitric oxide. How this works is by chewing and drinking nitrate-rich foods and juices that combine with these healthy oral bacteria and convert the nitrate to nitrite. It's one of the reasons you should not use antibacterial mouthwash or fluoride toothpaste because it kills the beneficial bacteria that helps convert nitrate into nitric oxide as it moves through your GI tract and stomach.

When you introduce nitrate-rich juices and foods to your mouth, you also help build a healthier oral microbiome.

3. Easy to drink 

Juices are one of the most pleasant ways to take in critical nutrients. When you're on the go and don't have time for a big nitrate-rich meal, you can mix beet powder with your favorite juice, water, or smoothie. Since foods are the best way to get your essential nutrients, having a plant-based powder makes it extremely easy to supercharge your nitric oxide levels wherever you are.

4. Larger nitrate quantities 

Beetroot juice powder allows you to take in larger quantities of nutrients and nitrate with every serving. Beet powder packs more nitrate than a pill, but also, fewer pounds of fresh vegetables are required to get those high levels of nitrate per serving. 

5. Faster acting results with juice

Food is an essential path to boosting nitric oxide. For athletes who need predictability in their nitric oxide boost, drinking beetroot juice 90 minutes before an intense workout improves endurance and strength. Beetroot juice powder can be mixed with your favorite juice or water. 

Drinking beetroot juice is one of the quickest ways to absorb nitrate in the body to begin immediately capitalizing on the nutrients like fiber, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. When you're looking to maximize oxygen uptake and improve cardiorespiratory endurance, nitrate-rich juices made from beets and red spinach are effective, deliberate, and functional.

6. Great taste

Beetroot juice in powder form delivers a nitric oxide boost while still satisfying your taste buds. Whether you add the powder to your favorite juice and drink it, or you add it to a recipe like oatmeal or power bars, you get a delicious addition with your nitric oxide supplementation. When you're on the go, it's nice to have a tasty nitric oxide-boosting beverage that fits many lifestyles. 

The best tasting and most effective beetroot juice powders are mixed with other natural juices. For example, Beet Boost has three strategic ingredients: beets, tart cherries, and orange. The reasons are, yes, complementing flavors, but most importantly, these foods work together to help send nitric oxide levels soaring while delivering high levels of antioxidants. You can learn more about the powerful combination of nitrate-rich beets and antioxidant-rich oranges here

7. Adapts well to endless recipes, smoothies, beverages, and baked goods

Unlike pills and capsules, juice powders made from high nitrate produce like beets and red spinach can be added to recipes for making super meals. The nitrate contents in beet powder hold up to being heated or cooked. Therefore, you can bake them, add to soup, smoothies, pancakes, and oatmeal. You can even add plant-based powders to desserts like the Vegan Brooklyn Foodie does with Beet Boost. Periodically, the bakers at Vegan Brooklyn Foodies mix up a batch of red velvet cookies with Beet Boost powder. Functional food powders offer flexibility in how you take your nutrients. And when you want to make it fun, you can. When you want to get the family to take their supplements, you can add beet powder to a delicious recipe.

8. No additives

Beet powders like Beet Boost are made directly from fresh beets. The plants are crushed, filtered and dehydrated into a superfine powder, never synthesized in a lab, and without additives or flavors. Powder-based nitric oxide supplements that are pure and unadulterated ensure that your body recognizes the nutrients and can effectively absorb them. It's easier with food-based supplements to know what you're getting when reading the nutrition facts panel. You will see each ingredient and know right away if there are additives. When sourcing the best powder, stay clear of additives like carrageenan, artificial sweeteners, and flavoring agents.

9. Ability to customize your powder by pairing it with your favorite drink

Nitric oxide supplements that are plant-based powders will taste like the plants they're made of. You can easily change up the flavor to your favorite juice. If you like the plant-based flavors, you can add water or blend some ice and make a nitric oxide slush. Beet powder, in particular, pairs well with orange juice and pineapple juice. But you can choose your favorite juices and change things up from time to time. There's no shortage of smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes. You can find the Beet Boost Raspberry Dream Bowl Recipe here

Everyone has their preference on the format of their supplements. Science says that natural nutrients from foods are the most valuable. That's why when taking plant-based nitric oxide supplements - you will want to look for powders that only contain plant ingredients and no other additives. Vitamins and pills have their place, but for boosting nitric oxide, you want to give your body the natural food-based nitrate it needs. 

Nitric oxide boosts without additives

Beet Boost® and Spin Boost® are both nitric oxide supplements that are guaranteed to be effective at:

  • Boosting energy
  • Enhancing performance
  • Improve overall wellbeing
  • Keeping your heart healthy
  • Processing sugars
  • Reducing exercise-induced inflammation
  • Improving digestion
  • Improving skin
  • Clearer thinking
  • Healing sports injuries faster
  • Supporting immunity
  • Improving overall stamina

Most importantly, the essential nutrients come from real food: beets, red spinach, pineapple juice, oranges, pomegranate, and anthocyanin extract from ripe tart cherries. These all work synergistically to amplify nitric oxide and supercharge your body. Get what your body needs in the most superior form. Learn more about boosting nitric oxide here.  

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