Does a Nitric Oxide Rich Plant-Based, Vegan Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Does a Nitric Oxide Rich Plant-Based, Vegan Diet Help You Lose Weight?

The science & 7 vegan weight loss experts to follow

What does weight, nitric oxide (NO), and a plant-based diet have in common? It’s a trilogy of impact. The fewer plants we eat, the more weight we tend to carry, the lower our nitric oxide levels tend to be. On the flip side, the more nitrate rich plants we eat, the higher our nitric oxide levels and the leaner we tend to be. The difference between vegans that lose weight and vegans that don’t can be found on our plates and often in our lifestyles. 

Lifestyle-related illness arises as a result of impaired NO levels and poor endothelial health. A plant-based diet, according to research, can be a way to manage a healthy weight and steer clear of those lifestyle related illnesses. 


What research has to say about nitric oxide and weight loss

Study #1 - Nitric oxide plays an important role in reducing weight

A study published in Endocrinology reported that nitric oxide levels play an important role in reduced weight, reduced food intake, and as a regulator of energy levels. 

Study #2 - A plant-based diet and nitric oxide have anti-obesogenic effects

Anti-obesogenic is the action that counters the onset of obesity. One study from the University of Louisville School of Medicine linked nitric oxide and a plant-based diet with having the properties that help mitigate weight gain. 

Study #3 - A comparison of 5 different diets on weight loss

Spoiler alert, the vegan diet wins in a randomized study that looked at 5 various diets and their impact on weight loss. When comparing diets: low-fat, low-glycemic index, vegan, vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian/semi-vegetarian, and omnivorous,  the University of South Carolina’s School of Public Health found vegans decreased their fat and saturated fat levels more than any other group. The official outcome of the study: “Vegan diets may result in greater weight loss than more modest recommendations.”

7 vegan weight loss leaders to follow

Some of our wonderful affiliates are experts in vegan weight loss. They have dedicated their lives to help others break the cycle of weight gain and realize a healthier life at the end of the rainbow salad. 

7 vegan weight loss leaders to follow | NutriGardens

Chef AJ 

Vegan weightloss leaders to follow - Chef AJ  | NutriGardens

Chef AJ has inspired thousands of people across the country to embark on their own healthy lifestyle journeys by detailing her own experience with the positive changes that led to her weight loss. Her informative programming helps others discover just how delicious and rewarding a plant-based diet can be.

As a NutriGardens supporter for several years now, Chef AJ and her partner in Ultimate Weight Loss, John Pierre (aka “JP”), have shared Beet Boost with their followers. We’re so thankful to have such inspirational, enthusiastic ambassadors on our team. Check out the recent summit, The Truth About Weight Loss

Learn more about Chef AJ and what she did to lose (and keep off) more than 50 pounds:

Facebook | YouTube | Website


Nutmeg Notebook

Vegan weightloss leaders to follow - Nutmeg Notebook | NutriGardens

Get healthy – stay healthy – one meal at a time! That’s the name of the game for our partner in health, Nutmeg Notebook. After many years of yo-yo diets, thyroid problems, and escalating LDL cholesterol levels, the founder of Nutmeg Notebook, Tami Kramer, embarked on a plant-based journey that would shift her health and redirect her inspiration to guide others on a vegan health journey. In 2019, Tami and her husband Tom spent a week with Chef AJ and her husband Charles to become certified educators of Chef AJ’s Ultimate Weight Loss Program in their local community. You can follow Nutmeg Notebook for whole food, plant-based recipes, batch cooking, weight loss, and time-saving tips. You can also catch Tami this month in the series 40 Experts Reveal the Truth About Weight Loss.

John Pierre

Vegan weightloss leaders to follow - John Pierre  | NutriGardens

A nutrition expert and fitness consultant, John Pierre has worked with celebs like Joaquin Phoenix and Ellen DeGeneres. Pierre leads courses and teaches a plant-based and compassionate lifestyle to his clients looking to have a lighter footprint, both on the scale and the planet. 

You can catch his series Pillars of Health Group Coaching, Building A Strong Foundation To Support Healthy Living, where the founder of NutriGardens, Rick Perry, will present on the topic of nitric oxide and health. 


Chelsea Mae Cullen

Chelsea is a mom and vegan weight loss coach that specializes in helping overweight vegan women. You can follow her at @chealseamaecullen and grab her weight loss bowl guide here


Carol Aguirre MS RD - Dietitian

Carol is a nutritionist that educates on vegan weight loss via her Instagram page @vegan.weightloss.nutritionist.

Lori - Vegans of Weight Watchers

Lori delivers support, motivation and inspiration for vegans who want better in the world and on their plate via her @vegansofweightwatchers Instagram page.

Vegans of weight watchers

Ryan - "Slim & Sustain"

“Slim & Sustain” is his slogan. Vegan weight loss coach Ryan helps vegans lose weight through diet and healthy eating. He shares meal ideas and tips on his Instagram @ryanadamsuk and encourages other vegans to follow his weight loss journey.


So, does a nitric oxide rich plant-based, vegan diet help you to lose weight? We’d say yes, according to science and the experts who have actively lost weight and kept it off with a plant-based diet while teaching others how to do the same. 

You can support your weight loss journey with plant-based nitrate found in Beet Boost and Spin Boost. Shop our family of trusted, plant-based vegan products to support your healthy lifestyle. 


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  • Yes a nitric oxide rich plant based vegan diet can help with weight loss because it converts both fats and carbs into energy which you can expend during workouts

    So its best to pair nitric oxide vegan diets with regular workouts

    Hope this helps


    Dave Shaglonger

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