Red Spinach Powder Facts and Benefits

Red Spinach Powder Facts and Benefits

Red spinach powder is an ancestral superfood that is popular amongst individuals looking to increase their endurance and longevity. 

Known for its nitric oxide boosting benefits, the naturally occurring nitrates in red spinach have been shown to support many primary functions in the body and brain. This includes physical endurance, heart and organ function, exercise recovery, and perhaps the one most widely recognized: supporting healthy circulation and blood pressure.

While red spinach is most efficient when taken in a powder form, red spinach pills are also available. However, since nitric oxide must convert in the month, pills or capsules are not a reliable consumption modality.

A red spinach supplement should be sourced from a reliable vendor that focuses on crafting high quality, third-party tested formulations. Vita Spinach red spinach extract stands out as the leader for this reason.

Since it is HPLC tested, one of the most trusted test methods in the industry, every batch is promised to deliver on its claims. Most cheaper powders are UV tested or, in most cases, or not tested at all.

Vita Spinach is also backed by reliable science, in addition to being chef made and owned by a family operated business. In fact, clinical studies have shown that Vita Spinach reduces fatigue by 7%. In this article, we will highlight the full range of red spinach benefits that are highly sought after by everyone, from athletes to aging individuals.

6 Benefits and Facts About Red Spinach

#1. Red Spinach Supports Improved Stamina.

Several research studies have shown that incorporating red spinach extract into your diet can raise nitric oxide levels resulting in improved stamina during activities. A recent study from 2021 emphasized the benefits of foods rich in polyphenols and nitrates, such as red spinach powder, for enhancing endurance exercise performance. The research illustrated how these nutrients work together to boost endurance and improve stamina. For this reason, taking red spinach before exercise may be a great way to support better performance outcomes.

#2. Red Spinach Extract Supports Healthy Circulation.

A red spinach supplement may help support healthy circulation due to its ability to increase nitric oxide and support healthy blood flow throughout the body. A recent research article published in the Journal of Nutrition and Gerontology revealed that a brief intake of nitrate, like that found in red spinach, supported blood pressure, oxygen absorption rates as well as muscle and cognitive abilities among elderly individuals. 

#3. Red Spinach Has Been Utilized as a Health Food for Centuries.

Red spinach extract holds a rich ancestry, particularly in Asian countries. For generations, red spinach has been used for its beneficial effects on health. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, red spinach has been utilized by many doctors for enhancing vitality,  aiding digestion and supporting overall wellness. According to Ayurvedic practices, this plant is thought to possess cooling and purifying qualities. It is commonly used for treating ailments like fever and swelling.

#4. Red Spinach Supports Cardiovascular Health.

A 2017 study revealed that maintaining an intake of phytosterols at approximately 2 grams per day resulted in an 8-10% decrease in low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels. LDL cholesterol, often referred to as 'bad' cholesterol poses risks to heart health.

Red spinach naturally contains levels of phytosterols. These natural plant compounds have gained recognition for their positive impact on heart health. This study underscores the significance of incorporating a red spinach supplement into one's diet to support cholesterol levels and enhance heart well being.

#5. Red Spinach is a Natural Antimicrobial.

One of the more overlooked red spinach benefits is its ability to act as an antimicrobial within the body. Betacyanins are reddish pigments that can be found in plants such as red pitahaya (Hylocereus polyrhizus) and red spinach (Amaranthus dubius). A 2017 study compared these two plants examining their betacyanin levels and antimicrobial properties.

Both plants were discovered to have betanin present along with compounds like amaranthine and decarboxy amaranthine in red spinach. Notably the betacyanin extract from spinach exhibited more antimicrobial effects than that from red pitahaya. These results were tested against nine types of Gram positive bacteria and five types of Gram negative bacteria.

This outcome may be linked to the concentration of betacyanin and amaranthine found in red spinach. These results emphasize the potential of red spinach as an antimicrobial agent further solidifying its reputation as a multi-functional superfood.

#6. Red Spinach Support Exercise Recovery.

Known for their naturally energizing effect, red spinach supplements are commonly utilized for their ability to support exercise recovery and muscular fatigue. Research has shown that boosting nitric oxide levels through the consumption of foods like red spinach supports healthy blood flow to muscles during workout sessions. This The results are enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, ultimately boosting endurance, strength and overall athletic performance.

Additionally nitric oxide plays a vital role in facilitating muscle recovery post intense exercise. A study conducted in 2016 emphasized the significance of nitrates in foods like red spinach and beetroot for this purpose. This research study revealed that supplementing with nitrates contributed to improved muscle recovery after exercise, while also reducing muscle soreness by alleviating inflammation markers.

VITA SPINACH Red Spinach Extract: A Functional Food Supplement That Delivers Ample Red Spinach Benefits

Red spinach powder is full of beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. As an all-natural functional food supplement, this red spinach powder delivers one of the cleanest and most potent concentrations of red spinach powder. It can be taken first thing in the morning, as a pre-workout, or throughout the day whenever an energy boost is needed. This is the best red spinach powder for improving energy and vitality at all ages. 


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