Beet Smoothies for Weight Loss

Beet Smoothies for Weight Loss

Smoothies are one of the quickest and most convenient ways to supplement weight loss. By combining tasty, seasonal ingredients, the right smoothie can help give you energy for the day and keep you full in between meals. But not all smoothies are created equal.

Beet smoothies for weight loss provide the best ingredients, and products like Beet Boost are among the most recommended products out there for a reason.

Here are 4 beet, apple, carrot, lemon, ginger, juice benefits that can help kickstart your weight loss journey.

1. Beet Smoothies Support a Healthy Heart 

1. Beet Smoothies Support a Healthy Heart | NutriGardens

Beets are one of the best natural products around for helping our body create nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a key component in supporting a healthy heart and keeping your blood pumping strong. It does so by relaxing the smooth muscles around blood vessels, allowing for optimum flow.

Nitric oxide is created in the endothelium, which is the blood vessel lining. Beets are great for producing nitric oxide because they are high in nitrates, an essential part of nitric oxide production.


2. Beet Smoothies Boost Energy

Beet Smoothies Boost Energy | NutriGardens

One of the best beet smoothie benefits is the increase in energy before and after a hard workout. Beets contain sucrose, a simple sugar that our body uptakes relatively easily.

This means that our body does not have to break down the sugar and easily use it throughout the day. Our bodies like to burn off carbohydrates first before fat, so having simple sugars from vegetables like beets make them perfect for energy on the go.

Beet Boost low in calories, so that means you get the energy of a big meal in a simple 36 calorie serving. The oxalates are removed during processing, so you don’t have to worry about oxalate related health issues.


3. Beet Smoothies Help with Workout-Related Inflammation

Beet Smoothies Help with Workout-Related Inflammation | NutriGardens

While regular exercise reduces inflammation overall, a single workout session can increase inflammatory cytokines, but also, elevates oxidative stress and leukocytosis. Beet juice seems to offer relief in this area because of "betalains," the red pigment giving beets their vibrant color. This is why we are told to eat a lot of different colored fruits and veggies.

Beet Boost takes this up a notch. By including tart cherry extract in the mix, Beet Boost makes sure you get the best inflammation support possible. Tart cherry is exceptionally high in antioxidants, creating a natural alternative to other less healthy options found in pills or capsules. 


4. Beet Smoothies Tastes Great

Beet Smoothies Tastes Great | NutriGardens

The benefits of beet smoothies can also be topped off with the fact that they taste amazing. Those naturally occurring sugars make beets great for sweetening some of the more bitter greens found in healthy smoothies.

Eating a healthy diet can be challenging to some who have adapted taste buds to less healthy food items. Weight loss smoothies are typically seen as the exception because you can increase the natural sweeteners in fruit smoothies without adding a ton of calories.


Beet Smoothies for Weight Loss: What Are You Waiting for?

Beet Smoothies for Weight Loss: What Are You Waiting for? | NutriGardens

Drinking beet smoothies for weight loss can be a simple strategy for weight loss when done right. The benefits of beet smoothies range everywhere from energy to general health support. So don't just sit around; pick up Beet Boost today and watch your weight loss take off.

Don't forget to check out Spin Boost, if you are looking for a competitive athletic edge. If you know someone struggling with weight loss, be sure to share this article on weight loss smoothies with them to help them out.

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